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About Andrea

make life beautiful

Andrea Rodriguez

Caterer ~ Creative ~ Curator

My favorite thing to do when I was a kid was to set up my barbie house like it was a set on a Hollywood lot. My sisters and I didn’t have the Dream House or even that many barbie dolls. We would make their houses out of old boxes. They’d had big plush beds in shoe boxes with a wool scarf mattress. We’d make their clothes  out of old socks and scraps of fabric. Whatever we could spare. And if they lost a shoe, which they always did, then she was Bohemian Barbie that preferred to go barefoot anyway. And while my neighbor down the street had a playroom full of every barbie item on the market, I always had way more fun at home. Actually playing with the dolls wasn’t my jam either. It was setting it all up. Creating the rooms, dressing the dolls in the latest punk rock “sock” fashions and putting them in their places. Whatever they did after that was up to them. I was just there to make it look dope. 

Wish I would have known then that would become my biggest passion. Creating cool spaces and moments for cool people. It would have saved me a lot of trips to the unemployment office. But when I finally did realize it, it is all I have wanted to do since…make life beautiful.

I have always loved pretty things. flowers, furniture, feelings..Which has led me to make everything I create visually pleasing. I like environments to not only be functional but to look exquisite while doing so. I prefer meals to taste and look divine.  I get the most gratification catering to, creating for, curating experiences or environments that evoke feelings of warmth and love. Bringing joy and happiness to all. Taking a vision and turning it into something tangible, a feast for your eyes and your heart, is what I continually aspire to do. 

I created C R A F T E D to bring together those who desire unique experiences, masterful crafts and exquisite environments. Making genuine connections with other incredible humans while helping them celebrate their wedding, is the is just the icing on the cake.  Whether I cater a meal, handcraft a bespoke art piece or bring together a collection of artists to collaborate, each project is met with precision, fervor and finesse. Its our passion, its what we excel at and most of all, its what we love.  

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